Worcester's Marco Turo singing six nights a week in Florida, but coming back for 60th

Jan 27, 2021 403


If it's Wednesday or Saturday, he's singing at  Matteo's of Boca Raton. If it's Friday or Sunday, he's singing at Matteo's of Hallandale (Beach). Tuesdays you can catch him at the Seagate Hotel in Delray Beach. Thursdays, the Seagate Beach Club, Delray Beach.

"My quote in life is 'When I’m singing, I’m happy,' " said Worcester native Marco Turo, who grew up in the Shrewsbury Street area, worked for many years as a restauranteur, and then packed that in while in his 50s to try for a career as a singer.

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SOURCE: https://eu.worcestermag.com

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