Italy's famed butcher Dario Cecchini comes to town; a local apprentice carves a new niche

Apr 29, 2018 433

BY: Ian McNulty

A young traveler returns eager to share experiences and determined to work some lessons from abroad into daily life at home. It’s a common enough tale. It happened to Richard Brennan III too, though he’s found a unique way to follow through.

Brennan, the son of restaurateur Dickie Brennan, recently finished an internship in Italy with Dario Cecchini. He's the Tuscan butcher who has gained global acclaim for his devotion to craft and his advocacy for the role of the small-scale artisan in a big-box world. In some culinary circles, Cecchini is a rock star who slings a cleaver instead of a guitar, or an opera tenor whose voice uplifts the pleasures of the table, tradition and their mindful pursuit.

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