Modern Italian restaurant La Mensa adds to a promising trend in French Quarter

Jul 04, 2019 292


People who remember the old French Quarter restaurant Maximo's in its heyday likely recall the open kitchen, the deep booths and the regional Italian food. Through the 1990s, Maximo’s was a hot spot. Along with its neighbor, G & E Courtyard Grill, it helped make its stretch of lower Decatur Street near the French Market a destination for French Quarter dining that drew the locals.

A new restaurant has opened in Maximo’s old address with the potential to serve the same role today. La Mensa fired up the stoves in June at 1117 Decatur St. It serves modern regional Italian food in a casual fine-dining setting, with the open kitchen and booths, and with a long bar for drop-in meals and snacks and with a balcony overlooking one of the historic neighborhood’s busier blocks.


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