The muffuletta, unwrapped: the secrets behind Louisiana's famous sandwich

Mar 11, 2024 870

BY: Oscar Tickle

Let’s go back to the 1900s. It was a new era of innovation and immigration. New Orleans’ Italian population was at such an all-time high, pockets of the city were called “Little Italy.” Around this time, Salvatore Lupo and his Sicilian family ran Central Grocery, serving hundreds of Italian immigrants food from their home country.

Their most popular plate was an olive mix with a side of meats, cheeses and Sicilian bread. The dish was a hit with New Orleans workers, but there was one issue: It was hard to consume on-the-go. Lupo and his family soon noticed their ingredients were being combined. The workers were making sandwiches. So Central Grocery decided to make sandwiches, too. Soon after, the muffuletta was born—and Louisiana’s culinary history was forever changed.

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