Tuscan Pig Italian Kitchen: Great atmosphere, good service

Nov 07, 2019 252

BY: Finn O'Connor

My wife and I and a few friends went to eat at the Tuscan Pig Italian Kitchen on a Friday night. The place was busy, and I noticed the owner making a point to greet most of the diners as they entered the restaurant. He was vigilant, making sure from the moment the guests were seated they had attentive service. That was impressive.

In one corner, there was a gentleman singing to music. He was dressed like one of the Rat Pack from the Las Vegas days of the past, with a white tuxedo jacket, black vest and red tie and sunglasses. His attire went well with the 1940s standards he was singing. We enjoyed him and he made the evening fun. He performs on Fridays and Saturdays.

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SOURCE: https://www.news-journal.com

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