Why Jimmy’s Food Store will always be the best

Jan 08, 2021 61

BY: Jaime Dunaway-Seale

Let’s make a collective new year’s resolution to keep supporting local restaurants, including neighborhood icon Jimmy’s Food Store. The family-run store at Bryan Street and Fitzhugh Avenue is a neighborhood favorite for all things Italian food. From imported cheese, wine, and pasta to hot to-go sandwiches, Jimmy’s has been a destination.  Cue the competition— Italian marketplace Eataly opened in NorthPark Center in December.

The chain has locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles but there’s only one Jimmy’s. Neighbor Jacob Boger posted a new “law” on Facebook, and it was shared on Instagram via the account FountBoardandTable, which blacked out the author’s name.

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SOURCE: https://lakewood.advocatemag.com

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