An Ambitious Pizzeria With Its Own Farm in Laveen

Oct 26, 2019 761

BY: Chris Malloy

How could a new pizza place possibly improve our scene? Given the lofty skills and rigid intention that goes into the best pizza here, how could a pizzeria, aside from bringing in a new style, elevate what we have? Our pizza makers seem to have seized every advantage. Grinding flour. Mixing grain. Dreaming up new topping combinations. But lucky for us, our pizza makers aren’t done finding limits to push.

For instance, the 1-year-old Mimi Forno Italiano has its own 5-year-old farm. Both the pizzeria and its farm, Cavallo Vineyard, are in Laveen. The farm grows fruit, including figs, citrus, melon, prickly pear, and wine grapes. It also grows basil, arugula, onion, zucchini, and garlic. Owner Domenico Cavallo — who isn’t a lead cook, but isn’t above helping out in the kitchen on weekends — uses his own produce chiefly in specials from Friday to Sunday. 

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