Find an authentically Italian experience at Eataly's Toscana in Las Vegas

Nov 07, 2022 162

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Tuscany has long been a region in Italy known for its rustic, simplistic and fresh flavors—with meats, cheeses and wines serving as the cornerstone of every meal. On the Las Vegas Strip there’s one restaurant holding true to the pillars of Tuscany food and beverage, and that’s Toscana Ristorante & Bar by Eataly. 

The intimate, 94-seat restaurant is a combination of cozy and upscale with rustic touches like the open wood-fired grill and Tuscan-inspired décor. Start the evening with the Italian classic—a Negroni. Choose the gin, bitter and vermouth to create your perfect sip. Toscana also offers an impressive list of specialty cocktails, all with a classic Italian twist.

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