Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza serves up Italian-certified pies in Bend

May 16, 2022 235

With five locations, Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza has its formula down to a T. It serves pizza in the Neapolitan style with an official V.P.N. certification from Naples, Italy. The V.P.N. requires certified restaurants to adhere to specified regulations. To comply, Flatbread uses San Marzano Tomatoes, a finely milled flour and fresh mozzarella, basil and yeast.
Our server took the time to explain the differences between the Neapolitan pizzas, the flatbreads and the other pizzas on the menu. The D.O.C. Neapolitan pizzas are fashioned in a traditional Italian style, the other pizzas have more traditionally American toppings and the flatbreads are made in a personal size on a crunchier crust. (D.O.C. is an Italian abbreviation referring to a controlled designation of origin, usually in reference to the type of mozzarella.)

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