Hawai‘i Chocolate: Philippe Padovani Makes Magic With Chocolate

Jan 07, 2016 672

by Katrina Valcourt

Philippe Padovani calls himself the Donald Trump of chocolate. "I shake up this town. That's my French part," he says. Outspoken, brazen and with an impressive résumé spanning 45 years in the food industry, Padovani has achieved worldwide recognition as a chef and founding member of Hawai'i Regional Cuisine.

He's blunt about his competitors' flaws and those he considers his enemies, but he's built his reputation on exceptional quality. He even jokes about how, when he realized years later that he had turned down Alan Wong's application to be a cook at the Halekūlani back when he was chef, he told Wong, "Well, you weren't good enough, that's why!" 

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Source: http://www.honolulumagazine.com/

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