Mangia! Here are Tucson's best Italian sandwiches

Nov 27, 2019 348

BY: Andi Berlin

This one's for my hoagies. As you may know, I've been eating a lot of sandwiches lately so I can create an ultimate guide to Tucson's best meals between bread. So far I've taken on hot chicken, Vietnamese bánh mì and veggie sandwiches for a cleanse. 

I'm back in gear now, and decided to go whole hog with one of the best sandwiches ever created in the history of the United States: the Italian sandwich! (You didn't think I'd say tuna melt did you?) The basic concept of this series is that I eat some sandwiches, ask readers for more suggestions, eat more sandwiches, and decide which one's I'd eat again and in what order. That's exactly what I did here. But before we get to the winner, let's talk about what we talk about when we talk about Italian sandwiches. 

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