Now Open: A '70s-Themed Panini and Wine Spot With a Chicago Accent

Nov 15, 2019 485

On a bend of Cave Creek Road thick with biker bars, rodeo grounds, and timeworn stucco, you see the storefront in a psychedelic swirl. COLOR. DAISIES. STRIPES. A cartoon-purple sign shouts the name of the shop: Vino & Panino. Inside, flower garlands stream and lava lamps glow and glop. Deep purple and highlighter-yellow are the chief colors, but for the TVs, which play shows and movies from a groovier era. Disco balls and prosciutto haunches dangle.

“We are a ‘70s type of panini shop,” says Ralphie Castellano, who opened Vino & Panino in September with his wife, Pam Castellano. “When you walk through the front door, you feel like you went through a membrane and back in time.”

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