Saint Pasta to Open a Full Restaurant and Italian Cocktail Lounge

Mar 11, 2020 505

The two gents behind Saint Pasta have plans to expand yet again. A year ago, Joe Cetrulo and Racan Alhoch debuted their food truck with the motto “Al Dente or Die,” slinging impressive pastas with an East Coast accent. The menu listed vodka sauce, carbonara, and bolognese with lamb sausage. They soon outgrew the truck, trading their wheels for the kitchen of Linger Longer Lounge, where they now plate cutlets, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. But now, Saint Pasta 3.0 is taking shape.

Cetrulo and Alhoch plan to open a space on 20th Street and Osborn Road. They're shooting for three concepts in one building: a restaurant, a catering operation, and a late-night cocktail hangout out back. (There are also plans for an Italian market, to be run by a separate owner.)

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