The 10 most beautiful historical buildings in Turin

Jan 04, 2022 328

Fairytale castles, palaces impossible to be standing, dragons, and a tour on the killer's trail. What's next? Turin, a city with a thousand faces and just as many secrets. What better place to hide them than in plain sight, on the facades of its buildings. Look around, and a tangle of stories will open up to you. Some tales are well-known, others only whispered. Here are ten of them, irreverent, unusual and enigmatic. And with that aura of mystery that can never be lacking in the "city of magic". 

10. The House with dragons in Cit Turin

Turin got eclectic at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, adding details of French Art Nouveau to its specific Baroque features. It thus became the Italian capital of Liberty, a style that redesigned its architecture during the belle époque.


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