The 26 Best Things to Do in Rome

Apr 10, 2024 773

In such an ancient and dense place, prioritizing which corners to see can be an overwhelming task. How do you even start to figure out what to do in Rome? To shed some light on that impenetrable question, we've pulled together a list of world-famous sites and lesser-known destinations—museums, markets, archeological and architectural marvels—that will provide you with the full spectrum of outstanding experiences the Italian capital has to offer. Whether you have only a day in the city or a couple weeks (or return visits) to explore every detail, this list will help you pull together an itinerary you won't forget.

Palazzo Spada
Near Campo dei Fiori yet blissfully uncrowded, Palazzo Spada is a striking historic palace built in the 16th century and redesigned by Roman architect Borromini in the 17th century. Inside there’s a rich art collection with Renaissance and Baroque masters, and outside there’s a peaceful courtyard where eight impressive colonnades create a mesmerising optical illusion.

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