7 Italian Towns (That Aren’t Rome Or Florence) You Have To Visit

Apr 03, 2018 1242

Look, we would never complain about a trip to Roma or Firenze. But when there’s nary a single nook or cranny of the entire country that’s not absolutely stunning, we figured it would be worth it to venture beyond our familiar Italian horizons (yep, even beyond Cinque Terre and Positano). So here are some of Italy’s lesser known towns and tiny hamlets that you probably haven’t heard of before but are so worth the trip.

1. CEFALÙ - Region: Sicily
That beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of? Plan it in this picturesque Sicilian port town. The city abounds with culture and history and is also home to some of the island’s most serene beaches. The Duomo di Cefalù, for one, is an Arab-Norman masterpiece with one of Sicily’s oldest mosaics. But if it’s proximity to the water you’re after, nothing beats a leisurely stroll down the lungomare, the seafront promenade, followed by a dip in the warm waters.

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