7 Of Italy's Most Spectacular Beaches To Visit Now

Jul 24, 2018 1261

Italy’s riches extend to its 7600-kilometer coastline where you can find dozens of beaches with such lavish beauty it's hard to decide which one to choose. Here are seven of these spectacular coastal havens—ranging from north to south and to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia— that offer unforgettable seascapes and often surroundings that are as memorable too.

Balzi Rossi (Liguria). A blissful way to arrive at the beach in the Balzi Ross area of Grimaldi, a village in Ventimiglia near the French border, is by boat. La Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi, a local institution with restaurant and beach facilities and a prime spot on the water, can arrange to shuttle you ashore (if you are arriving by car, there’s also transportation to the beach).

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