7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Beautiful Calabria, Italy

Aug 28, 2021 955

BY: Alison Browne

It was on a layover leaving Colombia and heading back to Canada that I encountered two Italians who were living in Canada. We had coffee together and proceeded to share stories of our travels. Though Canadian through and through, they had Italian roots. Roots that were from Calabria. A fairly well-traveled adventurer, I had never heard of Calabria, Italy. My curious soul went on high alert. 

I picked up a travel magazine at the airport and by chance — or was it? — there was a glossy article on Calabria. I went back in search of my Italians and we studied the article together. They spoke with deep passion about their region of Italy and pointed out striking places in the photographs that I should visit. Less than a year later, I was in Calabria taking my own photos. 

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SOURCE: https://www.travelawaits.com

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