9 Idyllic Italian Cities Not To Miss Near Venice

Apr 08, 2022 382


Veneto is the eighth largest of Italy’s 20 administrative regions, is located in the northeast of the country, and stretches from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is the regional capital and probably the most famous and most visited city of Veneto because of its world-famous monuments, attractions, and unique carnival. Veneto is a large region with a great variety of landscapes and many gorgeous cities and towns with their own unique attractions, often neglected by visitors in favor of the undeniable charms of Venice.

It’s also a fertile region with the large river Po flowing through it and emptying into the Adriatic Sea. Wine lovers will be tempted to sample the great wines of Veneto, especially wanting to follow what is known as “The Ring Of Prosecco.” 

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