Abruzzo Food: Authentic Tastes of Less-Touristed Italy

Aug 07, 2022 583

Italians are wed to the sanctity of using local, seasonal products. And whether it’s bread, pasta, or anything else, the best foods (and wines) in Italy tend to be regional—unless they’re more local than that. Part of the joy of traveling across the Italian “boot” is tasting some of the specialty foods and unique dishes of different regions. In fact, food often helps tell the story of the history, geography, and culture of a people and place.

While Abruzzo food is not as well known as that of regions considered food capitals (e.g. Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, or Sicily), Abruzzo can rightfully boast about its own unique tastes and flavors. Because of its geography, Abruzzo has been isolated and less touched by foreign influences than many other regions. Some say that because of this, the cuisine here is also the most authentic. 

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SOURCE: https://www.moretimetotravel.com

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