After covid-19, Italy opens its doors to tourists, but something has changed

Jul 06, 2022 375

BY: Chiara Dalessio

Finally, you can travel to Italy when and how you want. Covid-19 times seem to be over, at least when it comes to restrictions. At the same time, things are not quite the way they used to be when it comes to tourism. Mind, traditional tourist trends are always there: our art cities, our sea, and our beautiful mountains are still top destinations, but the pace at which we travel, and even the places we choose have changed a bit.

It is, in the end, a change that was bound to happen and that perhaps would have gone ahead even without the pandemic, albeit more slowly. People, both Italians and foreigners, are looking for different experiences when they travel around the Belpaese: it is no longer a matter of what they see, really, but of the memories they can make and of how the treasures of our country can be experienced at a personal and cultural level.

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