Airbnb is going to Pay people to Live like a local for 3 months in Italy

Jan 17, 2019 830

Airbnb is looking to send 4 people on a 3-month trip to Italy, all expenses paid. Lucky travelers will be hosted by locals in the village of Grottole. Grottole is an old village that sits atop a hill in south Italy. However, although the trip is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it isn’t exactly a laid-back vacation.

Grottole is home to only 300 people, and with 600 abandoned homes, is actually at risk of disappearing. So, Airbnb is partnering up with Wonder Grottole, an NGO, to find volunteers to support the community. In turn, the volunteers will learn new skills like speaking Italian, harvesting honey and producing olive oil. They’ll also help run the community vegetable garden and learn how to cook with the produce they’ve grown.

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