The Alfa Romeo Nivola concept was named after the legendary Italian racing driver

Jul 01, 2020 534


Vehicles are often named after metaphors of domination, speed, and strength. The Mustang is a wild horse, the Diablo is literally named after the devil, and the same goes for the Impala, the Charger, the Stingray, the Viper, Thunderbird… you get my flow.

These metaphors are often embodied as traits within the animals the cars are named after, and it’s rare to see those traits in a single human, but Tazio Nuvolari embodied them. Perhaps one of the most passionate racing legends, Nuvolari spent most of his life on the track, and even after a crash that left him with two broken legs, decided to get back on his racing bike (tied to it, fractures and all) and win his next race.

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