All you need to know about Sanremo 2018

Feb 07, 2018 922

BY: Sadie Trent

For many years, the winner of Sanremo has been eligible to be chosen as the Italian representative for Eurovision, and this year is no exception. The representative for 2018 will be the winner of the ‘Big Artists’ category at the Sanremo Festival.

There is a combination of 4 different voting methods that are used throughout the Sanremo festival, and these are: Public voting (carried out via landline, mobile, contest website or official mobile app); Press Jury voting (accredited journalists cast their votes and they follow the competition from the Roof Hall at Teatro Ariston); A demoscopic poll (a sample of 300 music fans are gathered, and their votes are cast via an e-voting system managed by Ipsos); Expert Jury voting (people from the world of music, entertainment and culture).

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