American Students Clean Carlo Scarpa Facade in Venice

Jun 27, 2022 235

One of the masterpieces designed by the renowned 20th century Venetian architect, Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978), can be found in Campo San Sebastiano. Next door to the 15th century church decorated with treasures by Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese, Scarpa transformed the former convent of San Sebastiano into the contemporary home of the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Ca' Foscari University.

The distinct Istrian stone entrance portal reflects Scarpa's genius, connecting the university to the adjacent Church of San Sebastiano. Scarpa unites the architecture of different centuries, and inserts the Renaissance statue of Saint Sebastian inside his trademark 20th century circle. The entrance was completed by Guido Pietropoli after Scarpa's untimely death in 1978 when he fell down a flight of concrete stairs in Sendai, Japan. 

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