Andrea Bocelli, A Family Christmas is the Christmas album in which he sings together with his children

Nov 23, 2022 616

Christmas is one month away, and this is the time when records dedicated to the most beloved time of the year are presented. On the roster of Christmas records for 2022 is the return of Andrea Bocelli, who in this new project presents a series of Christmas songs performed by the tenor together with his children.

Matteo Bocelli is well known to all, his career is well established, and there are already numerous awards for his skill in the use of his voice. The young man several times has performed alongside his father, including abroad. In A Family Christmas, in addition to Matteo Bocelli, there will also be the tenor's daughter, Virginia, who is less well-known than her brother partly because she is only 10 years old but already shows great promise.

It was Andrea Bocelli himself who presented the record at a press conference, explaining that, in fact, the idea did not come from his own will but "from my and Matteo's record companies. We thought about it for a while before agreeing, because time was really short. But we said yes because the producer helped us research the songs and I thought it was beautiful the message to give: the value of family. I think it's a privilege to make music with your children." The record is actually part of a larger project that also includes a worldwide streaming event. Matteo Bocelli, in order to make this record, momentarily paused work on the solo album he has been working on for several months, a "sacrifice" made with pleasure: "Expectations are many. Naturalness is easier to find without eyes on me. But I am a child of the art, and if this can make it easier in the beginning, it makes the second step more difficult."

Virginia Bocelli is the youngest in the house and has been involved in this new project by her brother and father. Certainly the pressure she feels on Matteo she does not yet feel, although she is certainly no stranger to the spotlight. In fact, little Virginia has already starred in some small parts in the TV series Rai Doc - In Your Hands but also in a film that will be released soon. "It was great to sing 'The greatest gift' all together," commented the little one, who a few days ago was Joe Biden's guest at the White House with her dad and the whole family.

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