Antico Caffè Greco: Rome's oldest coffee bar

Feb 06, 2019 946

BY: Natalie

Via Condotti is one of Rome’s most exclusive streets. Lined with designer shops leading up to the Spanish Steps, the elegant road is also home to Rome’s oldest coffee bar – Antico Caffe Greco. Decorated with oil paintings, gilt mirrors and plenty of red velvet – Antico Caffe Greco does feel somewhat like a period cafe. But having been open since 1760, the traditional feel of the coffee bar is authentic.

The stylish interior and cafe culture once drew intellectuals and artists. The prime location in an area once known as being an expat neighborhood meant that the tables were filled with the likes of Goethe and Byron. Today, Antico Caffe Greco is still an elegant stop for an Italian coffee. Sure, the location next to the Spanish Steps and the history associated with the cafe can mean that it draws tourist crowds. 

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