Bellissimo! Here’s how to plan the ultimate Italian road trip

Dec 27, 2018 593

BY: Hayley Lewis

As a travel writer, I often get asked, ‘What’s the best place you’ve been to?’ Always a difficult question to answer, I used to say something like, ‘Oh everywhere is different and each has its highlights.’ But more recently, the answer has been Italy. I just can’t get enough of this country. Maybe it’s because I’m dating an Italian, or maybe it’s the food, but my love of Italy has started to become a little bit of an obsession.

So I embarked on an Italian road trip, encompassing all the things that make Italy great: gastronomy, architecture, art, beaches and of course Italians (I was travelling with one after all). Choosing a route wasn’t easy. There is a lot to see, and deciding which parts to include and which to leave out took a great deal of planning and negotiating. But at the end of it, I have what I believe is an ultimate Italian road trip itinerary.

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