Bravissima! Martina Fidanza first gold for Italy at the World Track Cycling Championships

Oct 21, 2021 628

Italy won the gold medal in the women's scratch with Martina Fidanza at the cycling world championships held in Roubaix (France). With seven laps to go, Azzurra upped the pace, shifted into high gear and grinded her games on the pedals.

There was no fatigue that could stop her, nor adversary that could keep her head: adrenaline, technique, determination pushed her to the success for detachment, arriving almost to double the other competitors. The cry of joy is the last snapshot that comes from the track: raised fist, smile, and some tears that moistens the eyes.

Fidanza (21 years old) did it, she was very good at calibrating her energies to perfection in the 10 km race and choosing the best moment for the assault on the title. Ten laps were missing to the end when the champion from Bergamo understood that it was time to launch the long sprint to the sprint for the most precious metal. It is there that the race has taken another turn despite the attempt to stretch the Hungarian Borissza. The cyclist from Ponte San Pietro started the escape, accumulating meters and advantage. Second place and silver to the Dutch Maike Van Der Duin, while the American Jennifer Valente closed with the bronze at the foot of the podium.

Fidanza never let go. Not even in the final lap, when she had the victory in her grasp, and continued to push on the pedals until she exulted in her first Élite world title. The last lap, the one of triumph and embrace. An extraordinary success, deserved, wanted that follows the one conquered among the Juniors in 2017 at the 2020 European Championship. A force of nature in the Scratch discipline: at 21 years old (she will turn 22 in two weeks) she is already queen of the track and succeeds another Azzurra. In the specialty, the last title won by an Italian had been the prerogative of Rachele Barbieri (2017).

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