Bread of the Earth: Pane di Altamura PDO

Nov 24, 2023 683

BY: Rob LeDonne

In the 2,000 or so years since the end of the B.C. era, it’s safe to say the world has experienced monumental changes. The inevitable machinations of humanity have obviously influenced all of our lives, from the important (advent of electricity) to the even more important (invention of the cannoli). Still, some things have indeed stayed the same. Back then and now, many thought the earth was flat. Meanwhile, the fashionability of sandals has never wavered. 

It was the Roman writer Horace who unknowingly touched on a different facet that hasn’t changed since those days. Born in the year 65BC, the man is known as the originator of the autobiography. He wrote a lot about himself, which means his narcissism was centuries ahead of our modern social media age. In his writings called Satires, Horace wrote about one of his favorite things. Naturally, because he’s Italian, he was talking about bread. 

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