Brescia, Lombardy

Jul 02, 2018 412

Brescia is a city located at the foot of the Alps in Lombardy Italy. The city has had a fascinating history going back centuries. Even before it was conquered by the Romans in 225 BC, it already had a lot of history behind it. The signs of this history can still be seen everywhere in the old town of Brescia, although, the new town doesn't have much more to offer. The town and most of its attractions tend to get very crowded with visitors as well as locals, especially in the peak tourist seasons so visiting the city in off seasons is the best thing to do.

Tempio Capitolino

Tempio Capitolino are old Roman ruins, the last of the Roman ruins of the city's forum. It was originally built by Emperor Vespasian and information is available in English.

The Castle

The castle was originally built in the Roman times and was later renovated in the 16th century. The castle now houses a museum of armory. The castle is situated on top of a hill and provides beautiful views of the city and the Alps.

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