Cappuccino: Drink Like an Italian

Jan 17, 2020 221

BY: Gaia Masiero

The cappuccino is a paragon of Italian coffee culture. It’s a simple beverage prepared with espresso and milk, but has nothing to do with another popular drink known as a “latte.” The latte is a classic drink is prepared by simply mixing milk and espresso. Whereas the secret of the cappuccino is all in the foam. And, of course, in the delicious cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

Delicious – no, really delicious. So delicious that we’d like to drink it at all hours of the day. But we don’t. Firstly, because each cappuccino usually clocks in at between 80 (if not sweetened) and 120 calories. And secondly, because it’s a drink that entails its own customs and traditions.

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