CARLO RIVA. The epic of boating

Jul 02, 2022 197

BY: Luca Cottini

The new episode of the show presents the profile of Carlo Riva, Italy’s most renowned shipbuilder in the 20th century, and author of the Aquarama (1962), which is still considered the best boat ever built. In the episode, I explore his career as both boatman and designer in a poetic dialogue with Dante Alighieri, who similarly saw boats as technical marvels and sites of imagination, freedom, intellectual quest, and artistic creativity.

The epic of boating: The joy of a boat ride. From Dante to the 21st century. #boating as a #storytelling metaphor and a long-lasting craft. Four generations of #boat making. The Riva story from Sarnico to the world. From racing to luxury. The vision of a bold entrepreneur. The synthesis of wood craft and American engine technology. Carlo Riva's transformation of the boat into an object of lifestyle.

Celebrities and glamour. The historic Riva models (Tritone, Sebino, Florida) and the legendary Aquarama. The collaboration between Riva and Lamborghini. The Aquarama #278. Re-inventing global #yachting, The International Tourist Port in the Tigullio Gulf. A long-lasting legacy.

SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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