Celebrating all papà on Saint Joseph's Day

Mar 11, 2021 604

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Italians and Americans have plenty of things in common, but there is one they don’t share: Father’s Day.  To be truthful, it’s not only the US and Italy that celebrate their dads on different times of the year, because Father’s Day — unlike children’s undying love for their papà —   is not the same everywhere: in the United States, it falls on the third Sunday of June;

in Russia on the 23rd of February, on occasion of Defender of the Fatherland’s Day; in Scandinavia, on the second  Sunday of  November. In Italy, just like in other Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Portugal, as well as some Southern American ones, la Festa del Papà happens on the 19th of March, the day Catholic tradition dedicates to the most iconic dad of them all: Saint Joseph. 

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org/

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