Cesare Catania, the new Leonardo da Vinci? A short presentation of one the more promising Italian artist

Aug 01, 2018 284

Cesare Catania is not only an artist in life, he is also a multi-facetted man with a lot of skills; a complex personality mastering many disciplines that finally enrich and serve his art. This brilliant master of all trades with encyclopaedic knowledge wears by turns the hat of an artist, of course as a painter and sculptor but he also wears the hat of a scientist, an author, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a mathematician, a pianist, a gallery owner, a philosopher, a philanthropist committed to humanitarian work.

Cesare Catania is also an indefatigable traveller, a language lover, a true polyglot, and also a lover of cats. This versatile artist nicknamed the new Leonardo da Vinci is not done being the topic of conversations. His works, both dramatic and colourful, are exhibited all over the world; from the Louvre in Paris to the exhibitions of the Italian Ministry of Culture passing by New York.

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SOURCE: https://thefreenewsman.com/

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