Che Pizza! Food Idioms in Italian That You Need to Know

May 04, 2019 405

BY: Alesha Allen

Idioms are sayings or expressions that often can’t be translated literally. They’re widely used in spoken Italian so a great way to express yourself and make you sound more like a local. In this language lesson, we’re going to look at some idiomatic expressions related to food. As you know, Italy is famous for its food. And quite rightly so! There are lots of fun and colourful food sayings we’ll look at today. Hopefully you can use some of them when speaking Italian in future. 

There are some food idioms similar to ones we have in English, for example ‘Essere dolce come miele’ means to be as sweet as honey. ‘Essere la ciliegina sulla torta’ means to be the cherry on the cake, or better still, to be the icing on the cake’. ‘Piangere sul latte versato’ is the same as crying over spilt milk in English. 

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