Christmas decorations in Italy, here are the most typical and traditional

Dec 09, 2021 296

BY: Marco Fogliazza

Here is how houses and cities are decorated in Italy

With the beginning of the month of December in many Italian cities people start to prepare their Christmas decorations. There are so many traditions that have been carried on for years. In fact the beginning of Christmas preparations coincides traditionally with the date of 8th December on occasion of which the Virgin Mary is celebrated. Houses and streets all over Italy are filled with decorations and lights. Here are some of the main Christmas decorations in Italy which are the result of many a tradition.

Christmas decorations: the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the most widespread decorations in our country. In fact for hundreds of years this has been one of traditions that just cannot be missed in preparation for the Christmas holidays. The Christmas tree in Italy is usually put up on December 8 and it is taken down January 6. Initially the tree was decorated with dried fruit, biscuits, oranges and candles. Today these have been replaced by multicolored lights, balls of every kind, ribbons and bows. Furthermore, according to tradition a star is to be placed right on the top.

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