Cinque Terre’s Amazing Views

Nov 28, 2019 396

Being a New Zealander born and breed, I’ve lived my life surrounded by natural beauty and picturesque locations. Although I’m skeptical other countries have more to offer, I’m always game to explore, and being a gluten for punishment, the idea of a 10 kilometre coastal hike to capture the best of Italian beauty, was too enticing to pass up. So, accompanied by two equally dedicated hikers, I set off for Cinque Terre.

We were under the impression this was Italy’s best-kept secret. Yet on arrival I saw the stacks of fellow travelers, and began to think we were possibly the few left out of the loop. Thankfully, their commitment to the cause was on a slightly lower level than our own, and as the path began to wind its way uphill, the numbers dropped off, until there were only the diehards remaining.

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