The city of Pesto and Focaccia

Nov 23, 2018 409

BY: Isabel Putinja

Genoa is a city of many surprises that rewards those who take the time to get to know it. Wedged between mountain and sea, this is Italy's sixth largest city, the capital of the Liguria region, and the country's biggest port. The old port area was once the gateway for visitors and merchants and is still an important gathering place, while the narrow cobblestone carrugi of the historic old town lead to tiny atmospheric squares, miniature shrines perched on the corners of facades, and the majestic Renaissance palaces, which are vestiges of the city's glory days.

This is Italy, so there's also superb food and drink to be enjoyed here in the city of pesto and focaccia. From age-old buildings to newly opened nightspots, here's our guide on what to see and do in Genoa.

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