The Definitive Guide to Pairing Italian Wine with Classic Italian Fare

Jun 20, 2018 291

Pairing food with wine can be daunting. On the one hand, there’s science. Those who take that route will pore over acid matches and all that. But in the simplest terms, the best way to pair foods and wines is to remember one helpful rhyme: what grows together goes together. Translation? Eat foods grown and prepared in the same geographic areas as your bottle.

Few cuisines are as globally adored as Italian food, a genre that spans twenty regions and centuries of fine-tuning. We Americans are lucky enough to have access to a number of Italian regional ingredients, either by import or by homegrown adoption (hello, arugula). Want to learn how to pair your favorite classic Italian dishes with incredible regional Italian wines? Here are eight mouth-watering combinations. Warning: Do not read this hungry.

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