Diamante: the street art and chili peppers village that is enchanting the world

Oct 06, 2021 244

Calabria is a land of marvellous colour that ranging from the different shades of blue of the sea to the green of its uncontaminated nature, from the red of its chillies to the yellow of its shining sun. Such a beautiful colour palette could only provide inspiration for great street art artists to create beautiful murals, masterpieces of graphic art to be discovered!

"Diamante is like a maiden lying on the beach with her feet towards the hills; a maiden with seaweed hair, her noses quivering like sails in the sea breeze, the smell of saltiness; a girl who abandons herself to the kiss of the wave and the embrace of the swell, which covers her up to the ankles with its dust in a long silky and impalpable mantle; a girl who trembles with love under the sun, who faints with love in the sweetness of the warm and starry nights or those whitened by the moon" - Attilio Pepe

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SOURCE: https://www.visititaly.eu/

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