Discovering the Saints of Naples

Jan 13, 2019 236

BY: Kristin Melia

With the holiday season over in all its glory, Naples still revels in its celestial splendor. There are shrines, frescos, statues and reliquaries that stretch across the town to honor the holy family and the birth of baby Jesus.  And while Neapolitans love their Madonna and child, the town actually enjoys the patronage and protection of over fifty saints, each with special powers and supernatural miracles vying for ecclesiastic intercession.

These saints, original power rangers of paleo Christian Italy, can alternately intercede to cure blindness, epilepsy, poorly cooked pizza and baldness. Most locals have their favorites depending on the day of the week, the personal predicament, profession or alignment of the stars. The most often appealed to saints enjoy near universal adoration and when you’re in a pinch, they certainly stand ready to assist.  

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