Discussing Virtual Tours and the Future of Tourism in Venice with Tour Guide Luisella Romeo

May 02, 2020 396

BY: Silvia Donati

In Venice, the lagoon, like the rest of the city, is resting. There are no giant cruise ships damaging its fragile ecosystem; there’s very little boat traffic, so sediments are not being stirred up and waters are more transparent than ever. The only boats you see are the garbage collection boats and those that carry food provisions to the Rialto market. 

Rialto is the only area of Venice where residents are still allowed to go (besides supermarkets). Historically the economic heart of Venice, where people from all over the world met, the 1000-year-old market has become the city’s main piazza, a meeting place for Venetians who go there to buy fresh fish and produce. 

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com

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