Doctors in Italy find link between rare inflammatory disease in children and COVID-19

May 18, 2020 414


Italian doctors say they've got the first scientific evidence linking the coronavirus to a rare but deadly inflammatory disease in children. The condition, called pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, has been reported in more than a dozen states across the U.S., including Louisiana, Mississippi, California and New York. Over 100 children have been affected in New York alone, three of whom died, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Doctors had suspected early on that coronavirus played a role in the new disorder by triggering an excessive immune reaction, but there was no clear proof that the two were linked. Reported in The Lancet medical journal, the new evidence comes from doctors in Bergamo, the epicenter of coronavirus infections and deaths in Italy, where the nationwide reported death toll is more than 30,000, behind only Britain and the United States. 

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