Driving in Italy: Ten Italian road habits to watch out for

Aug 27, 2019 587

Are Italian drivers really as bad as everyone says? Writer Gordon Craigie shares his observations from more than a decade of driving in Italy. Everyone knows the stereotypes about Italians and driving: fast, impatient, aggressive, appearing to consider red lights optional... But there are more specific quirks that may take you by surprise. So to help make your driving experience in Italy a little bit more predictable, here’s a personal view of the top ten Italian driving habits to watch out for.

1. Wavering

Just as you’re happily bowling along the autostrada in the outside lane, you’re suddenly aware that the car you’re about to pass is drifting towards your lane. Hang on, no it’s not, it’s drifting towards the safety fence, no, it’s coming back again…


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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it

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