The endless charms of Villa della Porta Bozzolo

Sep 03, 2019 684

Villa della Porta Bozzolo, just a few kilometers from Varese and Lake Maggiore, is a typical 18th-century “villa di delizia” filled with galleries, ballrooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms decorated with painted architectures, legends and allegories, triumphs of colorful flowers on the doors… in a nutshell, every little masterpiece of rococo style you can imagine.

The villa was built in the 1500s as a countryside residence, with all the typical traits of a farming estate: cottages, an oil press, a cellar to make wine and a spinning mill for silkworms. It belonged to the Della Porta family, who were rich local landowners with humble origins and high hopes of entering the nobility. In the 1800s the property was acquired by Senator Camillo Bozzolo, who added many family memories and an amazing library.

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