Enel launches new multi-lingual website for geothermal museum at Larderello, Italy

Dec 13, 2019 961

BY: Alexander Richter

As reported locally, the Geothermal Museum in Larderello, Tuscany has a new look also online: the national and international website of Enel Green Power , in fact, has been renewed and on this occasion has created a page dedicated to the Larderello Museum and geothermal tourism, which can be visited in three versions in Italian, English and Spanish languages.

The page, enriched by the photos of Fabio Sartori, illustrates the Tuscan geothermal energy and the activities of the Museum, also providing logistic information with contacts, days and opening times, as well as the different ways of visiting and fruition. 

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SOURCE: http://www.thinkgeoenergy.com/

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