Fiat 500 earns place in New York's Museum of Modern Art

Dec 16, 2018 733

New York’s Museum of Modern Art, amongst the most influential barometers of modern art on the planet, has chosen a classic Fiat 500 F to lead its upcoming exhibit, The Value of Good Design, starting February 10, 2019. Acquired last year as part of its vast archive of industrial design, MoMA’s 500 F will now take pride of place in the museum’s latest exhibition, which runs from February 10 until May 27 next year and focuses on objects which were both well-designed but also affordable for the masses.

Picking an F series 500 was no random choice by MoMA, with the 1965 – 1972 production run model the most popular version of the original Nuova 500 during its 18 year run. ‘500 is an icon of Italian style that never went out of fashion and that over the decades gained fans all around the world because of its key features and strong personality,’ points out Luca Napolitano, Fiat’s EMEA chief.

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