Fiordo di Furore

Jun 26, 2020 398

THE RUGGED AND MOUNTAINOUS AMALFI Coast offers a countless scenic views and wonderful beaches, but among the most unique features in the area is the narrow opening known as Fiordo di Furore. Fiordo di Furore, which is actually a ria, not a fjord, is an inlet created by the Schiato torrent that flows between the rocks, creating a valley that opens to the sea. It is located near the small town of Furore, with the name coming from Latin Terra Furoris (Land of Fury), because of the deafening sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs.

The ria contains a small fishing village of just a few houses that has been inhabited for centuries, as well as some 17th-century mills powered by the stream of water. One of the most famous Italian actresses of all time, Anna Magnani, used to live there with director Roberto Rossellini.

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