Fiorentina takes over New York’s Columbus Day Parade with deeply passionate display by Viola fans

Oct 15, 2019 378

BY: Mike McCormack

Today was a banner day for Fiorentina. News broke out of Mayor Nardella’s office that the city of Firenze would be selling the land known to Fiorentina fans as Mercafir to Rocco Commisso, ensuring the stadium would be built in a timely manner inside the city limits. It was reported that Federico Chiesa’s injury was not as severe as initially feared. However, it was what happened in New York City that captured our attention.

It’s hard not to look on with anything but pride when you see the pageantry that Fiorentina, Mediacom and the Viola Club of New York put on today in the world’s most important city. On a day Italian-Americans look forward to ever year, this year was particularly prideful for many, and that isn’t reserved for just Fiorentina fans. Based on our limited research, this is the first time a Serie A team has made an appearance in New York City’s annual Columbus Day parade. 

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